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Blue Water

 Empowering Busy Women 
To Take Control of Their Health
with the
Noteta Wellness Method


Achieve Your Wellness Goals Faster and Easier

Who doesn't feel frustrated  and overwhelmed with modern healthcare?

Do you leave with more questions than answers?

Do you wish you could talk through your obstacles with someone who understands?

Health Coaching For Women
Who Need An Action Plan

Create A Customized Action Plan To Move Forward

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Holly Owens, FNLP

How The Right
Health Coach Can Help...

Holly Owens is a Health Coach who helps you think through your health condition and what is working and what could be improved. You can put anything on the table, including: 

  • evaluating your doctor's diagnosis or your own health goals

  • areas of strengths and weakness with your current strategy

  • struggles you have meeting your goals or your doctor's recommendations

  • taking your medication or supplements consistently

  • etc!

As a graduate of the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Program, Holly also brings a background in nutrition to the coaching conversation. She received her certification as a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner at Functional Nutrition Alliance and graduated from Full Body Systems, an intensive nutrition training program for coaches and clinicians that covers ALL of the major systems of the body: Digestive,
Immunity, Urinary, Cardio, Endocrine, Neuro, and Reproductive.  She can help you think through the many angles and repercussions of your health situation, whether it be endometriosis, diabetes, food cravings, or gut dysbiosis. 

Now Breathe A Sigh of Relief...
...because you CAN take back control of your health with a Health Coach. And

you just might get their faster, too!

You Don't Have to Go it Alone

Working with an expert Health Coach helps you get control of your health picture, stay on track, and meet your goals. As many of my clients say to me, "I've been taking care of everyone else for so long, now it's time to also focus on me." Focusing on your health is not selfish but a gift to yourself and your's empowering and effective so you can be your healthiest and live life to the fullest.

As we know, receiving a diagnosis, experiencing symptoms, and just keeping up with your supplements is like riding a rollercoaster...up down up down up down! It can be emotionally draining and lonely.


You have to:


  • understand new medical conditions

  • juggle appointments

  • potentially miss work or social events due to illness

  • emotionally manage the known...and the unknown

  • all of this while managing the rest of your life (taking care of family members, working, cooking, etc.)


Thankfully, health coaching can help you sort through all of the information...make a blueprint going forward...and find balance again.

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Define Your Wellness Vision

My Coaching Services

Bottom line...working with a health coach means you are not alone.  With a health coach's guidance, you might explore additional questions you should ask your doctor, examine the best strategy for taking your supplements/medications consistently, or which diet fits your health condition and lifestyle best.  After every session, you will walk away empowered with an achievable plan customized for your health needs and current situation. 

Pricing & Packages

Health Coaching Sessions

3 Session
Coaching Package

Our coaching

conversations include customized tracking tools and resources when applicable.

$75 for each 45 min session*

10% off per session at $67.50 for each
45 min session*

6 Session
Coaching Package

15% off per session at $63.75 for each

45 min session*

* In-person and virtual appointments available

"Within the first month of being coached by Holly, my health concerns began to heal. Holly's coaching helped me to identify several nutritional areas that needed attention. With her help, I built an actionable plan that continues to have a positive effect in my life as they have now become habit. Holly has amazing insight and I am extremely grateful for her coaching and guidance.  

~ Heather K., Boise, ID


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